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the consultation

Sol, the Pet Nutritionist, is available for consultations. We encourage you to utilize his expertise in tailoring a program specifically for your pet's needs.  A consultation will include a personalized diet and holistic program suggestions, all custom-tailored to your pet's personal needs.

Consultation Process

Pet Nutrition Consulting Service

Schedule a Consultation


Explanation of Consultation – there is no time limit so it can take up to 1 1/2 hrs.

If you are interested in a full consult, simply click on “Schedule a Consultation” and let us know what time is convenient for you. We will email back confirming a time for the call to take place. Along with the confirmation, an evaluation will be emailed for you to fill out. Simply click on reply and begin filling out the form. Feel free to include any blood work or tests you would like us to see. Once the form is complete, you will email it back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


At the designated time of the appointment, we will call you. The consultation can take as long as needed with no additional charge. All consultations are done by phone. Consultations can take up to 2 hours, so please have that in mind when scheduling.


What Information Will I be Given During the Consult?

During the consultation, Sol will first discuss and ask questions about anything that was not covered on the evaluation. He will then proceed to recommend in detail a diet plan with recipes or a recommended commercial food, life style changes, supplement suggestions and how to treat your pet’s medical condition naturally. Sol is not a licensed veterinarian, so he will not recommend traditional medication; however, if the pet is currently on medication, he will take that into consideration when making suggestions.


No additional fees are charged after the consult, so you are welcome to call or email with questions anytime.


What is the Charge for the Consult?

The charge for a full personalized Nutritional Consultation is $120. Once you have paid the consultation fee, there are no additional charges.  To pay for the consultation, go to our store, under "C" you will see Consultation. Click on that and add it to your cart.


Consultation includes:

  • Review of evaluation
  • Consultation by phone with no time limit
  • Research on products you currently use
  • Review of your current feeding practices
  • Home cooked recipes
  • Recommendation for dry or canned food
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Life Style changes needed
  • Unlimited follow-ups by phone or email
  • Full discussion on how to treat your pet naturally
  • 10% off your first order

    If you have been searching for a qualified nutrition professional, schedule a consultation today!!